Our Coronavirus Response

A personal letter from Sam about Coronavirus and Foundations Ministry

**As of May 20, 2020, all meetings are being held at their normal locations and times.**

There has been much concern in our nation regarding coronavirus. We as a nation are obviously in a very challenging place. But we all know, recovery does not take a break, even in the midst of the chaos. In fact, the principles and fellowship we share in recovery are even more important during times of crisis: addicts do not do well with unexpected change. 

First, let me be clear, Foundations Ministry will continue to help men and women. We are not backing down, not even a little. Sexual Addiction is as serious as cancer, and we will continue to treat it as such. Just as cancer treatments would not cease during an epidemic, neither will our work with those who struggle with Sexual Addiction. 

Second, we are aware and concerned about the coronavirus and will do what we can to ensure our meetings are safe and available.

So, do the meetings continue? 

Yes, but our meetings will be held at a different location due to local restrictions regarding Coronavirus. Our meetings will be kept to 10 or less people, following the recommendations given by the CDC. 

Will a “digital” or “remote” option be made available for meetings?

Not at this time. There are many factors involved with meetings, but one of the primaries is anonymity. As is commonly said in groups across the nation: “What’s said here, stays here. Who attends here, stays here.” Digital methods do not currently provide a clear pathway to protecting anonymity of the members. In addition, digital methods, though gaining in popularity, do not allow for the intimate and serious sharing that is so necessary in successful recovery. However, based on recent actions taken in other states (California, New York, Illinois), we may consider how to continue providing ministry in the midst of a forced lockdown should Texas follow suit. 

What actions will be taken to prevent spread of coronavirus?

We can provide limited tools to help people stay safe. 10 or less people in meetings make it easier to keep distance. Hand sanitizer will be available at our locations. But ultimately, your safety is your responsibility. If you feel more action is needed, I encourage you to take such action (Masks, gloves, etc..).

Our goal has been and continues to be proclaiming God’s glory through the transformation of men addicted to sexual pleasure. We are well within the CDC guidelines and taking general precautions. It is our conviction that meetings can and must continue. 

With much consideration and prayer,

Samuel Beecher, Director of Foundations Ministry