Mentorship Program

Program Structure

We offer a 12-step based program with a focus on accountability and assignments. Modeled after the 12-step Mentorship Program by Prodigals International, we take the same serious approach to developing strong patterns of health by tackling any issues that threatens our relationship with God, and close after that, our relationship with others.

Steps 1 – 3: Surrender to God. Which is Salvation.
Steps 4 – 9: Dealing with unhealthy patterns/issues. Which is Sanctification.
Steps 10-12: Establishing life with new principles. Which is Glorification.

When applying for the program, an applicant is assigned a mentor. While working with the mentor, the applicant will:

  1. Maintain a perfect scorched earth for a period of no less than 60 days
  2. Complete application packet (Step 0) as assigned by mentor
  3. Present the completed packet to the mentor team for a vote of approval. To be admitted, the applicant must receive a majority vote in favor

Once admitted into the program, the applicant will be assigned a mentor who will work with with the new mentee for the duration of his program to complete all step assignments. Each step has a defined set of assignments. However, other work will be assigned by the mentor and the mentor team as they see the need to examine issues more deeply.

Each mentee is allowed 3 “strikes” before being required to restart the program. Strikes may be given by the mentor for any violation of the program tenants, at the mentor’s discretion. The intent of these “strikes” is to help the mentee understand the seriousness of the situation without yet experiencing more serious consequences, such as requiring a restart of the program.

Any violation of sobriety (relapse) requires the mentee to restart the program, including the working through Step 0 and petition for entry.

On average, the program takes 1.8 – 2.5 years to complete.

General Requirements

  • Attend weekly mentor-mentee meeting
  • Attendance of at least 2 recovery meetings per week (not including mentor meeting)
  • Attendance of at least 2 church services per week
  • At least 1 phone call per day to someone within the group
  • Timely completion of all assignments (as defined by Mentor)
  • Set aside a minimum of 1 hour per day for working on recovery assignments
  • No major life changes while within the program
  • No vacations or out of town trips for first 60 days within the programMaximum of 14 cumulative days for out-of-town vacation each yearAll out of town trips must be approved by the mentor
  • Maintain a perfect scorched earth for the duration of the program
  • Progressive victory over lust

Definition of Sobriety

  • No sexual or emotional involvement outside of marriage
  • No pornography of any kind
  • No sex with self
  • Progressive victory over lust