How we use resources

Over the years, we have acquired many materials that have proven useful to our purpose of helping others know the truth. It is our conviction that tools are only useful if they accomplish their purpose. Or, put another way, a good corrective is one that works! As such, we offer these materials and tools only in the hope that they will be of benefit to you and others in pursuit of a sincere faith, pure heart and good conscience, all to the ultimate outworking of love.


Tactics to Avoid Change
List of common behavioral tactics I will use to avoid change. I utilize these to maintain my addictive lifestyle.

Thinking Errors
List of common thinking patterns that I engage in. These are ‘errors’ because they are not based in a healthy view of reality. I utilize these in all areas of my life.

Relapse Cycle
Relapse does not occur in a vacuum. There are many different references for the common steps in a relapse, but we have found this particular set of steps to be sufficient for our needs to identify the steps leading to and from our relapse.

Iceberg Principle
The Iceberg principle is that our acting out behaviors are the visible part of issues. For true stability, we must deal with the issues under the surface.


Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors Chart

A highly detailed situation review assignment.

Thinking It Through

A detailed situation review assignment.

Thinking Error or Tactic Insight

While in the program, insights are required to be written on Thinking Errors and Tactics

Safety Plan

Safety Plans are good for short term changes to ‘routine’: travel, family in town, family out of town, etc…

Scorched Earth Sheet

Adapted from Prodigals International’s ‘Scorched Earth’ boundaries, we utilize this accountability sheet to help establish core disiplines needed for successful recovery.


Proposals are written for review by a group of men when I am seeking insight on whether a course of action is wise.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons are an excellent tool for reviewing a desired course of action. Be sure to have almost the same number of Pros and Cons.

Book Insight

By writing out insights gained from reading and sharing them with a more mature brother, I am am able to gain even further insight.