Tuesday Meeting Change!

Tuesday night meeting is moving!

Big News! Our meeting originally hosted on Tuesday night at Eagle Mountain Baptist church has moved to Monday night at City on a Hill church (6:30pm – 8:30pm).
1140 Morrison Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76120  

Three years ago, when we begin this ministry in earnest, we needed a location to meet. Being new to Texas, there weren’t many connections we could call upon, and so we cold-called church after church, asking for a room to use one night a week. It was Eagle Mountain Baptist that opened their doors to us, and for the past three years they have kept their doors open to us. We are forever grateful for their charity, allowing us to use their facility.

So, why change? Two factors have motivated this: Location and Partnership.

Location. Most of the members attending our Tuesday night meeting live in or near Arlington area, including myself. A closer and more easily accessed location allows for more time spent in the meetings, more time for preparation, and more availability for men wanting to attend.

Partnership. City on a Hill has been outspoken regarding addiction and sexual issues for many years. So, when we first considered changing location, it was the obvious first choice. Entering a partnership with COH’s Purity Project will increase Foundations visibility as the “last house on the block”.

As with all things, we do not know exactly what tomorrow will bring, but hope is high that this location and partnership will offer many opportunities for God’s grace to revealed through transformation of lives.